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Confident Female Teacher


Educator Support

Oh my goodness!  What a time to be an educator. 


First off, hats off to you for continuing to care about and teach

your students. 


Teaching is a challenging job WITHOUT having to do so during a

pandemic.  So, we are sending you huge hugs right now knowing 

that you are showing up every day to do what it takes to make sure

your students are being served - in love. 

Secondly, we know it is a lot and it is overwhelming. 


We also know that teaching feels best when we can see our

students daily and connect with them in that

teacher-heart-centered way.  But what happens when there is a

pandemic and we now must teach virtually? 

We do what we have always done.  We accommodate, we learn new skills, we teach with all of our might, and we try to keep our sanity.

Helping you keep your sanity is why I am here! 


Hi!  I'm Erica.

And Virtual Teaching is a passion of mine.


However, I will say that never in a million years, did I think that I would someday be an Online Educator. It was one of those things that I fell into (or was universally orchestrated - however you want to look at it) but 6 years later, I am still doing it and believe that is an important option for families.


I have my Masters in Education and I have been a teacher for 12 years.  I have taught all grade levels from K-Adult.  One of my favorite parts of teaching is the process of learning and being able to witness how that process is different and similar from student to student and in various settings.  And while teaching virtually is different than teaching in person, I'll tell you what, it can be incredibly and fulfilling for families, students, and educators.

I know that moving from in-building teaching to online teaching is a steep learning curve.  My goal is to help teachers motivate and engage online learners and to make virtual learning fun for students and manageable (and dare I say, enjoyable) for teachers. 


I want to:

  • Share with you my virtual teaching tips and tricks,

  • Help you make technology work for you instead of against you, and

  • Teach you how to engage online learners using Applied Improv Techniques.

Here is how I can help!

Engagement Strategies for Teachers 

Using Applied Improv Exercises!

90-Minute Virtual Workshop

August 16 from 10-11:30


Join Erica Towe for this fun and experiential virtual Zoom workshop where you will learn to use improv exercises to keep students engaged in your online classes which will hopefully help them stay motivated to keep coming back! 

After this 90-Minute Workshop, you will:

  • Have a toolbox of EASY improv games & exercises that you can do with your online classes at the beginning, middle, and end of class.

  • Be able to use these games to increase student engagement.

  • Know how to use improv games to create mindful movement moments to help students focus and become more self-aware as learners so that they can motivate themselves.


As educators, we know that students need to move - not just for their health but to help with focus and energy!  Online learning does not lend itself well to this part of a student's wellbeing.  However, there are some easy ways that you, as an educator, can create movement moments in your class! Register now and start building your virtual teaching toolbox!

Virtual Teaching-

Crash Course

90-Minute Virtual Workshop

August 19 from 1-3 &

August 19 from 6-8


While some folks get a degree to specifically teach online, right now, there just isn't time to take an entire university course and prepare your lessons and teach and grade and have a life which is why I created a crash course just for you.

In this 90-Minute Virtual Crash Course, we will cover:

  • Create new systems for teaching online,

  • Design engaging lessons in the virtual space.

  • Inspire motivation in students you no longer see in person,

  • Teach Distance Learning Habits for Success Students 

  • Add new tools to your toolbox to support families in Distance Learning, and

  • Incorporate fun technology tools into your lessons.

Image by Dai KE

Looking to bring The Virtual Teaching Crash Course to your school district? I would love to be a part of your in-service!

Contact me today and we can set up a time to talk about what will be most useful for your team.

Let's Talk about Sanity!

While you are doing all you can for your students during these trying times, it is also important that you are making space to take care of yourself.  It can be hard to carve out the time when you are also taking care of your home and family, but we can't emphasize enough the YOU NEED TIME FOR YOU!

If you are finding it hard to make time to take care of you or you are feeling overwhelmed by trying to manage it all, we also offer one-on-one coaching sessions that can help you identify what is specifically causing the overwhelm and then work to create solutions that will ease the pressure and make more room for you to either take care of you or spend more time with those you love.

How Can We Help_.jpg

One-One Coaching

For educators. Let us help you ease the overwhelm and find solutions that make life more manageable. 

We know that teaching isn't easy - especially when you are trying to teach and work and keep the house together ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  We know how hard it is because we have tried to do it.  Through our years of teaching and coaching experience, the biggest takeaway we have learned is that it is WAY easier to do with a little help.  

If you are feeling overwhelmed with managing it all; trying to motivate your unmotivated distance learner, or needing some help with teaching strategies and creating organizational systems & routines, our family support coaches are here for you.  Schedule a coaching call today and let us help!

In our 60-minute personal phone call or video chat, we can help you identify the problem(s) that are causing you stress or frustration, create a solution(s), provide resources to help, and if needed, offer continued support as you implement the changes that will make life at home easier. 

60-Minute Sessions Available for

$75.00 an hour.

Get in touch today and help is on the way!