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Education Coaching Collective Team

Debi Stella Starr

Certified Health and Life Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Coach, & Retired Educator of 33 years

My name is Debi Stella Starr and I am a retired educator of 33 years as well as a Health and Life coach. In my years as an educator, I supported a variety of programs including helping to develop the successful peer-based behavioral program PBiS. I continued to help implement this effective program within my current school district, training, and setting up the accountability database system. I have worked within Special Education and finally with the English Language Development program (ELD) in supporting Teachers who teach English to other language learners.


Wanting to move in another direction post-retirement, I became a certified Health and Wellness coach. I have coached groups and one on one in a variety of ways and have realized some success in helping individuals (or groups) move beyond self-identified obstacles. I have a passion and longtime experience with meditation and mindfulness in my own life and am trained in several modalities, currently in certification with the Veda Center.


I bring to this collaboration my passion and experience in education as well as my long-held belief and practical experience of the effect that mindfulness techniques have on the brain's ability to absorb and retain information when centered, open, and calm. It is my hope to guide Teachers, Parents, and Children to develop tools that can make teaching and learning, the most joyful experience it can be. I believe that these techniques are both simple and accommodating. To me, this is one of the most important issues in these times of overstimulation, confusion, and general anxiety-producing pressure, are at the forefront of our current reality. I look forward to meeting and working with you!


Erica Towe


Master's in Education, BA in Speech Communication and Theatre, Certified MS & HS Language & Theatre Teacher, Certified Habits and Mindset Success Coach, Improvisation for Life Workshop & Retreat Leader, Writer, & Theatre Maker

Founder of the Education Coaching Collective

I work with High School & College Students, Parents, and Families and help them find success not only in their at-home learning plan but in their daily lives.

My mother told me that I was born to be a teacher and she was right.  Over the last 15 years, I have taught: Theatre for ESL Elementary Students in Seoul, South Korea; Language Arts for Middle School students with emotional and behavioral disorders; Language Arts for High School students in the public school setting; Improv classes for College Students, Theatre and Improv Classes for Adult Learners; and Language Arts and College & Career Readiness Courses for High School Online Students in my school district.  I have my Master's in Education and my BA in Theatre and Communications.  I am certified to teach English and Theatre for Middle School and High School. 


In all of my years as a teacher, I have come to learn that there are two things that seem to hold my students back the most and those are:​​​

1) Mindset: Lack of confidence or a limited belief in themselves and


2) Lack of Successful Learning Habits: organization, time management, goal setting, and a growth mindset. 


When I identified that mindset and habits were the main reasons my students were not reaching their goals, I knew I needed to learn more about how to support my students in these areas and help them gain the skills needed to be an independent, life-long learner.  So, I went back to school at the Health Coach Institute and earned a certification in Habit and Mindset Coaching in the hopes that I could share some of what I had learned with my students. 

I am also a writer, actor, storyteller, and director - and I love all things creative.  In addition to my work as a teacher and habits and mindset coach, I lead classes in  Storytelling, Improv, and Script Analysis.  I believe that digging deep into stories - whether they be our own or written by others - we are better able to see ourselves and the world around us which gives us the knowledge that we need to become more confident in ourselves, share our gifts and talents with others freely, and help make the world a kinder and more beautiful place.  


And when there is no pandemic and we are able to meet in groups, I also am an Applied Improvisation Workshop Leader!  I combine the skills of improv comedy with my experience in the arts, education, and individual coaching to create transformational experiences for individuals to find clarity of purpose and success in reaching the next level of their goals - all while having fun!  I am certified to teach Katie Goodman's “Improvisation for Life” workshops. ​

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