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Parent Support

At The Education Coaching Collective, we know that your role as a parent or guardian in charge of your student's education is a big role and a role that is so challenging to do on your own and this is why we are here!

The teachers and skilled coaches here are passionate about supporting families with their educational needs as they transition between school at school and school at home.  Our teachers in the collective have experience teaching both in the classroom and through distance learning in all levels of the classroom.  Our Support Coaches are educators who are also certified coaches that specialize in helping families find success in their home lives as well as at school.  And our trained professionals in Storytelling, Art, Theatre, Music, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga have years of experience in working their craft AND teaching in their communities. 

We offer one-one coaching services for parents and guardians who need help navigating distance learning needs, home-work-school balance, and learning coach strategies.  We also offer classes, workshops, and educational resources that can support you on your journey.

Let's Figure Out What Support You Need!

While we don't know what the future of education looks like right now, we are thinking about you and feeling your fears, insecurities, and struggles and we want to help.  As a collective, we offer the support you need to develop at-home teaching techniques and systems to help ease the frustrations that come from trying to work, raise a family, manage a household, take care of self, create an at-home learning environment, AND potentially be the go-to Learning Coach for your children at home. 


We offer both One-One Coaching AND Membership Programs for Parent Support with three different levels of participation. 


Our coaching programs will help you:

  • Navigate the challenges of bringing the school into the home

  • Gain Learning Coach, motivational, and behavioral management tools

  • Create efficient routines and systems for school, homework, and family time

  • Learn tips and tricks for motivating unmotivated learners :)

  • Design time management solutions for both your student and yourself

  • Instill Positive Behavioral Support Ideas to help instill healthy learning habits for your student

  • Troubleshoot Technical Challenges with Digital Learning

  • Generate more space for you to do what you love -  be with and enjoy each other as a family.

Here’s how The Education Coaching Collective Monthly Membership can help!

We created the Parent Learning Coach Membership Programs to help you create routines, habits, and systems that you and your family find success academically AND at home during this challenging time in education.  We want you to feel connected, supported, and motivated every day.

Each week we deliver you brand-new content that’s easy to access on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Because all families are different and your needs are different, we designed three different programs to meet a wide range of needs.

Our Membership Programs

  • The Whole Family Membership

  • Parent/Guardian Support Membership

  • Student Success Membership

  • Educational Support Membership

Family Time
Mother and Daughter Having Fun

Which Membership Program is Right for You?

The Whole Family Membership:

This is our Cadillac of coaching programs.  In this monthly membership program, we offer all of our amazing video resources AND we also offer personalized monthly coaching for you and your child.  For high school students, they will also receive free access to our Weekly Academic Group Success Program. 


Included in The Whole Family membership:


The Whole Family Monthly Membership is available for $279.00 per month.
Get one month free with the semester subscription for $1,395.00.



Subscribe now and gain instant access to our Starting Guide for Distance Learning.

The Parent/Guardian Support Monthly Membership

The Parent/Guardian Support Monthly Membership includes everything in the Whole Family Monthly Membership with the exception of the Student Support Coaching.  

The Parent/Guardian Monthly Membership is available for $197.00 per month.



Educational Support Membership

This membership program offers everything that the Family Membership Program offers minus the personal coaching for you and the group accountability support for your student.  It is a perfect program if you are looking for quick and easy tips to help you support your child's learning at home!

Included in the Educational Support Membership:


Weekly Tips and Tricks At-Home

Teaching Coach Videos


Weekly Inspirational Emails


Supportive Community


All-Access Pass to Supplemental Educational Videos


Virtual Group Coaching Twice During the Semester


Discounts on Classes And Academic Tutoring

The Educational Support Membership is available for $34.00 per month.

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For parents and guardians of students

participating in distance learning.

We know that teaching isn't easy - especially when you are trying to teach and work and keep the house together ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  We know how hard it is because we have tried to do it.  Through our years of teaching and coaching experience, the biggest takeaway we have learned is that it is WAY easier to do with a little help.  

If you are feeling overwhelmed with managing it all; trying to motivate your unmotivated distance learner, or needing some help with teaching strategies and creating organizational systems & routines, our family support coaches are here for you.

In our 60-minute personal phone call or video chat, we can help you identify the problem(s) that are causing you stress or frustration, create a solution(s), provide resources to help, and if needed, offer continued support as you implement the changes that will make life at home easier. 

60-Minute Sessions Available for

$75.00 an hour.

Get in touch today and help is on the way!