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Sadie Lang

Create. Discover. Learn. Grow.

  • Tutoring & Academic Support

  • MS & HS Sciences

  • STEM

About -

I love exploring the world of education. I’m a naturally curious person. I strive to bring a sense of joy and excitement to the process of teaching and learning. I love encountering new information, developing new skills, and finding creative solutions to all sorts of problems!

As an educator, I’m passionate about inspiring learners to take ownership of their education. I focus on developing personalized education plans, and work with students to increase their capacity for independent learning.  In my free time, you’ll find me out exploring the great PNW, busting out some sweet dance moves, or working up a culinary creation with my garden produce.

Education & Experience -

I graduated from the University of Oregon with a ​Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, and minor in Chemistry​. During my time at the UO, I volunteered as a research assistant at the Institute of Neuroscience (ION), and worked on developing academic support services for university students while employed at the University Counseling & Testing Center.

After completing my degree, I headed to Paraguay (aka “The Heart of South America”) to serve in the Peace Corps as an agricultural sciences instructor. While teaching abroad, I focused on building highly technical, activity-based curriculums for high school students in rural school systems. Subject areas focused primarily on Biology, Chemistry, and sustainable agriculture practices. All curricula were designed to take place in school gardens, aquaculture ponds, and local farms.

While pursuing my education, I built a strong background in small business management, working with local entrepreneurs to build thriving local businesses. Since returning to the US, I’ve been working with local biotech companies to explore new models for understanding human diseases, including COVID-19. It’s an exciting time to be immersed in STEM careers. The world of science, technology, and creative exploration is increasingly vital. I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences, and learning new insights from the artists, scientists and explorers of our next generations.

Sadie Lang Tutoring & Academic Support • • (458) 205-1696 •


Andrea DiPalma


  • Art

  • Social Studies/History

  • Science, 

  • Language and Language Arts/History for all grade levels

  • Math for elementary and middle schoolers 


Ms. Andrea DiPalma is passionate about helping students break through learning barriers to gain mastery of subjects and deeper understanding through strategic planning designed specifically for the individual. As a lifelong learner she is a huge proponent of the growth mindset, positive thinking and self-talk, creative problem solving, and the integration of the habits of mind into everyday learning.


Her strengths include helping students create scaffolded systems to organize their educational materials, process information, and clarify thoughts in an easy to follow, step by step manner that works for them. This includes getting students to understand the BIG ideas of the subjects they are studying, uncover the essential questions that need to be asked and answered, track assignments, break challenging material down into a series of more simplified steps, implement learning strategies, recognize patterns, make connections between the similarities of subjects, and follow productive academic routines.


Ms. Andrea draws from her background in mindfulness practices to help teach students how to sharpen their focus and improve their concentration and productivity. She also has experience working with students on Individual Education Plans (IEP) and in Gifted and Talented programs.

Education and Experience:

Ms. Andrea graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in Fine Arts in 1994 and promptly landed her first teaching job at the EMU’s Craft Center as Resident Artist. She has been a teaching artist in the public schools through the Lane Arts Council since 1995 and has been blessed to have taught residencies to elementary and middle school students in almost every school throughout Lane County. Through a partnership with Lane ESD and the Lane Arts Council, Ms. Andrea was one of three teaching artists chosen from a long roster to create and teach STEAM curriculum to teachers and students at Oaklea Middle school.


In 2000 she traveled to Guinea, West Africa where she lived for close to seven years learning the cultural arts and the French and Susu languages while running an independent studies program for high school students at the International School of Conakry and teaching English to students grades K-12 at Bicaz Pepinere and Ecole Franco-Guineen. In 2007 she moved back to Oregon with her Guinean husband and co-created West African Cultural Arts Institute, a 501 c3 nonprofit focusing on sharing vibrant educational programs through the cultural arts of Guinea.


Since 2014 she has been very active in the Bethel School District, as a parent advocate and teaching partner for her adopted son from Guinea and as a substitute Teaching Assistant. Ms. Andrea has taught at Oak Hill School’s After School Enrichment Program and Summer Programs for Gifted and Talented students where she integrated the arts to teach kids Math, Science, History, and Language Arts.


Through all her teaching experience in the Eugene area public schools, she has learned the curriculum for most courses K-12, including languages and can help students of all grade levels meet their academic goals.

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Justin Plaunty

  • Math, up to and including Algebra II

  • English, from sentence structure to five-paragraph essays

  • Social skills and organization support


I've worked in education for five years. Before that, I earned a bachelor's degree in English Literature from the University of Oregon, and will soon receive a master's degree in Education and Special Education Teaching Certification through Pacific University.  Prior to that, I worked in the hospitality industry for 12 years.

I've lived all over the West Coast my whole life, most of it in the Eugene and Springfield area. I have also lived in Germany as an au pair and northern California as a district manager of several fast-food restaurants.


My son is starting 6th grade, and I've worked with him, his cousins, and other kids of varying ages - both in and out of school. Currently, I work as an educational assistant at a local high school and have also worked at various schools throughout the area.


I enjoy spending time with my son, my girlfriend, and her sons, hiking and camping in the Pacific Northwest, reading, writing, and painting. I am a giant nerd - I love Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and any sci-fi or fantasy book that could also double as a doorstop. I also try to write stories and sometimes make cookies for people experiencing homelessness.