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  Distance Learning Support Programs  

  Student Success  

At The Education Coaching Collective, we know that it really DOES take a village to help our children through school (and life) - which is why we are here.  As a group of dedicated educators, we also know that this upcoming 2020-2021 school year is filled with uncertainty about safety, educational quality, working while trying to educate at home, and concern for the social needs of our youth. 


Every family and their needs are going to be different this year and we are committed to creating an individual plan to help your child(ren) be successful and for you to feel supported as a parent. 


Whether you opt to continue educating your children at home or your children will be in school, we know that families will still need support for their student's academic and social-emotional needs and we are here to help.

ECC Student Support Programs for  Distance Learning Success

Young Women with Backpacks

What Program is best for your student?

Let's hop on the phone and figure it out!


 We offer 30-minute free consultations to help you find the program that feels right for your student, you, and your family!

“Accountability separates the wishers in life from the action-takers that care enough about their future to account for their daily actions. "  

- John Di Lemme

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Curious about the 8-Week

Successful Student Group Program?  


In this 5-Week Course, Debi and Erica will lead a group of motivated students to further develop their learning habits and mindset so that they can find greater success and ease the overwhelm of their online classes.

Class begins November 18

As many of you know, there is a specific flow to a school semester.  Does this sound familiar?

  • September students are excited and ready for a fresh start. 

  • October brings the fall and more challenging assignments - but everything is still possible!

  • November the days shorten and the tough assignments become harder to tackle. 

  • December brings the holidays and everyone is just looking forward to the break.  Little work gets done. 

  • January the student panic begins as they cram for finals and complete big projects, while others give up discouraged by the thought that they will never catch up.

Our goal is to provide students and families the support and resources that they need through each phase of the year so that come January, your child feels like they are on top of their work and earning the grades they want!

Check out the Weekly Session Topics!

Week 1

Prep for  Success


Distance Learning doesn't have to be scary or hard...and the best way to find success is to prepare for it!  Start taking manageable steps toward creating school success for you and/or your children at home!

Week 4

Do the Hard Stuff First

Just like life, school isn't always easy.  It is easy to put off unpleasant and challenging tasks or assignments and hope to do them another day - when the inspiration strikes.  However, sometimes inspiration doesn't strike and the stars don't align and so the hard stuff never gets done.  This month, we learn time tested techniques to overcome procrastination and to develop the grit needed to get it done - even if you don't want to do it!

Week 2

Time Management Strategies

Time!  There is never enough.  However, we can create strategies and systems that help us manage our time and our to-do list so.  We offer tips, tricks, and resources that you can use at home to wrangle time and get the most out of each of your days!

Week 5

Growth Mindset

Beginning a new project or class can be fun and exciting but after the sheen of the newness of it wears off, it can take real intention, discipline, and persistence to keep going.  January is all about learning and practicing the skills needed to finish strong AND feel successful in the finishing.  We will also be offering a Q&A to answer questions about transitioning from the 1st Semester to 2nd Semester classes.

Week 3

Motivation Strategies

We feel you.  As teachers, we know how hard it is to motivate a student who is not self-motivated!  However, after oodles of years in education, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we would love to share with you to make your job at home easier and less frustrating.

Bonus Workshop

Fun and Games with Erica  


Improv Fun and Games is a great way to move your body while connecting and playing with other families! 

Free when you sign up for any one of our family or student coaching programs!

If you need support in a specific subject area, we also can connect you with amazing academic tutors!

Academic Tutoring

Our tutors are here to help your student achieve success.  At the moment, we have many amazing academic tutors available to help in the following areas:

  • MS and HS English

  • MS and HS Science

  • MS and HS Math

Check out our current available tutors to find the right fit for your student's needs.

Girl with Teacher

Coming Soon! Social-Emotional Workshops for Teens  

Reserve your spot on the wait-list now!

Diversity Students

The Success Program

5 Week Session Begins November 16 on Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30

$150.00 for 5 Weeks + Resources + Two Coaches

A Weekly Motivation and Accountability Group for High School Students & College Freshman designed to:


  • 90-Minute Initial Assessment Session with Student and Parent/Guardian

  • Bi-Weekly Group Video Meetings (60 Min). 

  • Connection,  Accountability, Motivation, and Student Success Strategies

  • Time-Management, Study Habits, and Organization Supports 

  • Between Session Email Support

  • School Goals Tracking App

  • Optional Add-On Tutoring 

The Emotional Resiliency Bootcamp

For Girls Only

*Grades 9-12

(Young Adult and Adult Bootcamp available here!)

  • 90-Minute Weekly Group Emotional-Resiliency Session (Video)

  • Weekly Motivational & Support Videos

  • Email Support Between Sessions

  • Emotional Resiliency App and/or Journal Prompts

  • Social-Emotional Strategies

  • Group Support Network

  • Optional Add-On for Weekly Coaching with a Certified Life-Coach

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Image by Alexis Brown

Collaborative Storytelling

Writing is meant to be read.  And stories are meant to be shared!

*Grades 6-8

*Grades 9-12

(Young Adult and Adult Class Available here!)

  Often we think of writing as a solitary adventure, but the tradition of oral storytelling dates back well before pens, paper, and computers.  Join us for the fun and interactive class where we will co-create stories together using creative writing techniques and applied improv exercises.  Most importantly, we will practice speaking them out loud!  

Together we will practice creating stories and also develop our public storytelling (or speaking) skills - all while having so much fun!

*This class is a great supplement for Language Arts and Public Speaking skill development.

Be Bold Now

High School Leadership Course

*Grades 9-12

Now, more than ever, your voice is needed in a world where change is required.  Our Be Bold Now High School Leadership Class focuses on developing a Leadership Mindset and instilling habits that create leaders.  We will study leadership examples and then put theory into practice by serving a community of your choice!

College Students