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About The Education Coaching Collective

The Education Coaching Collective is a collective of Certified Teachers, Coaches, Counselors, and Tutors who support K-12 Students, Parents, & College Freshmen to find academic and home life success as they transition to and navigate distance learning education.  Our highly qualified and experienced team provides academic, homeschooling, and social-emotional support for both students and parents.  


What makes The Education Coaching Collective unique for you is that we are a one-stop-shop for families and students needing guidance during an uncertain time on how to navigate online learning and receive emotional support as you do it so that students and families can find success both academically and at home.


ECC offers student, parent, and family support through Monthly Membership Programs, One-On-One and Group Coaching, Fun Monthly Workshops, Weekly Newsletters, Motivational and How-To Videos, as well as Supplemental Educational Videos and Resources for the whole family.


The teachers and coaches at ECC help students create academic habits that override the need for motivation, create a peaceful at-home learning environment, use organizational tools for better time management, develop a success-mindset, and find group connection (even while at home) so they can be confident, independent, and successful online students.


We also help parents to find confidence and success in their new roles as Learning Coaches for their students.  Our teachers and coaches help parents create a supportive at-home learning environment for their students, teach and model success-habits in their students, design school and life schedules for better time management, motivate unmotivated students and utilize mindfulness practices for less-stress so that families can do what they love to do - spend quality time together.


The Education Coaching Collective also supports educators who need help with quick how-to virtual teaching tips and engagement strategies for online learners, as well as one-one coaching to help manage the overwhelm of transitioning to a new teaching environment.